3.2 One day in Pizza Tycoon

The normal working day always starts at 9.00 am. when the shops open. The time is displayed in the status window (top right).

The various actions you perform in one day need different amounts of time. For example you will need a relatively short amount of time for passive actions such as analyzing statistics. Actions where you actually have to do something, like buying food or setting up a restaurant, need more time. For example, allocating or re-allocating a particular piece of furniture always takes 10 minutes.

Time passes even when you are not doing anything - only much slower. When your working day ends will depend on the energy value of your character. You can finish work between 3 pm and 11.20 pm. The end of a working day can be calculated using the following equation:
(ENERGY VALUE OF CHARACTER) / 2 x 10 minutes.
This means that an additional amount of 12 energy points allows you to work one hour longer.
For example: Somebody who has 40 energy-points can work from 9.00 am until 6.20 pm.

At the end of your working day the statistics for this day will be displayed. This shows you the turnover, the expenses and the profits for this day. Separate statistics will usually be displayed for each of your restaurants. This option can however be switched off.

If you finish all your planned actions before the end of your working day, you may end the day early by pressing the SUNSET key in the main menu. Then the next player takes his turn.

If more than one human player is participating in the game, the next player performs his actions for the same day. The day only finishes when all the players, including the computer players, have completed their day.

A human player starts a new day in the same menu where he finished the previous day.