3.1 The user interface in Pizza Tycoon

PIZZA TYCOON has the same user interface throughout the whole game, which you should get used to fairly quickly. Later on in this manual we will refer to the actions of "clicking" and "pressing a key". As we are rather lazy, we use these terms to describe the highly complicated action of moving-the-mouse-pointer-on-a-menu-option-or-an-icon-key-and-pressing-the-lett-mouse-button.
Got it?
Ok. And now for some practice:
  • Move the mouse pointer on an icon or a menu option.
  • Press the left mouse button.
The selected function will now be activated, i.e. you have "clicked" on this function.
Thus "double clicking" means clicking on the same icon or menu option twice in succession.

The GAMEPLAY AREA (left side of the screen shot) is where most of the action takes place. Here you can see the City, the restaurants and all the important overviews.

In the STATUS WINDOW (top right) up-to-date information about your chain of restaurants or the restaurant you are visiting at the moment is displayed. This window also informs you about things which are happening at the same time as events in the game play area, so that the course of the game is not interrupted. Only when you have to make a decision will the computer interrupt you with the relevant message.

With the mouse pointer in the status window, press the left mouse button to make the status information reappear after a message has been displayed. You may see the message which was last displayed again by pressing the right mouse button with the mouse pointer positioned in the status window.

Apart from messages and information there are two permanent displays in the status window, which are marked in yellow. You will find the time and date at the top of the window and your account balance at the bottom.

For more information about time and date, see the next section - ONE DAY IN PIZZATYCOON.

The display at the bottom shows your account balance, so that you are always informed about your financial resources. This should help you decide whether you can or cannot afford a certain action. If you try to overdraw your account, a message will appear in the status window informing you that you do not have sufficient funds. The desired action will be refused by the system.

On the key pad you will seethe keys with which you can activate the sub-menus. The icons on the keys ("icons" are the lovely little pictures on the keys) symbolize the action which can be performed by pressing that key. On the key pad there is always a BACKSPACE key with which you can go back to the sub-menu. This does not apply to the two main menus on the map and in the restaurant.