3.3 Getting started in Pizza Tycoon

After starting PIZZA TYCOON you will see a menu, from which you should select NEW GAME with the mouse. This will take you to another carefully created menu. Select the option FREE MODE with the mouse and you will find yourself in the character selection screen.

In the left window you will see the name, the initial capital and the character values of the currently selected person. If you like you can also have a look at the other characters by clicking on the arrows above and below the window. It is important that the character you wish to select has sufficient initial capital and high energy and health values. Incidentally you may also change the person's name. Use the mouse to click on the name and type your own pseudonym. Some brave souls even enter the world of business under their real name.

To the right of the window you will see a wonderful photograph of the person.
There is another selection window at the right hand side of the screen. You will notice that the first line is colored yellow. This is the name of your future pizza empire. If you don't like the name we suggest, just click on it and insert a silly name of your own.

When you have done all this, select START to play the game. If you think the huge pizza on the screen is an odd shape, you are obviously the right man for the job; you have the instincts of a born pizza chef!!!

Anyway, enough of this nonsense.

As you will notice at a glance (or maybe at the second or third glance), this is the overview map. Unfortunately, our poor, overworked graphics designer wasn't too accurate with his pen and ink. But never mind - you may now enter the city of your choice.

I personally would recommend a young, successful entrepreneur like you to go to Berlin. Rents are relatively low there and the chances of achieving a good turnover are high. So click the Berlin icon twice in succession.

Now you've reached the general user interface of this game. Move the mouse pointer over the map until you find the district of Charlottenburg or Tempelhof. Now zoom to the lowest level in the district you have chosen - press the left mouse button when the name is displayed. A yellow frame should appear. Press the mouse again.

Now look for a restaurant to rent. You should not spend more than S2000 on it.
If you want to scroll the map, you just have to position the mouse pointer on the frame and click the left mouse button. Every time you click on a house in the map, the corresponding data will be displayed in the status window. Click on the house again and you will see the number of potential customers in this location.

Make sure that there are enough potential customers and that the premises are not too small. At the beginning you should rent a restaurant rather than buying one.
Once you have found the restaurant of your dreams, you should memorize the name of the estate agent displayed in the status window, and click on the TERMINAL key in the key pad. Then press the TELEPHONE key and dial the number of your estate agent.
If the line is engaged, try again.

To dial this number again, dick on Estate Agent in the left window. The corresponding entry of your database will be displayed. Then just click on the number and your video phone will dial for you.
The estate agent will say hello and ask how he can help you. Say "I'd like to rent...” and accept his offer with the THUMBS UP key. The first rent will be deducted from your account.
Click on the BACKSPACE key to get back to the general map and go into your new restaurant by double clicking on it.

If you suddenly start to feel ill, don’t worry; it just means that you have a healthy taste as far as shapes and colors are concerned. To make yourself feel better you will have to work on the furnishings of your restaurant. Take the groups of inhabitants and their expectations concerning quality into account as well.

In the key pad, click on the FURNISHINGS key and then on the CHAIR key. You will then see the furniture book Click on the SHOPPING TROLLEY key and select one of the furniture suppliers. Use the mouse to select some tables and chairs and click on THUMBS UP. Now you can place the furniture in your restaurant.

You should also select some decent floor coverings at the same time. Very few customers will want to go to a restaurant with an ugly concrete floor. Buy a cheap oven in the sub menu KITCHEN EQUIPMENT. You should have at least S3000 - $4000 left now.

Once you've furnished your restaurant, you can start compiling your menu. Go to the recipe list (RECIPE LIST key). Click on one of the first standard pizzas and click on the COOK key. You should start with at least four of the standard pizzas (see enclosed pizza cookery book). You don't need to create your own pizzas to begin with. The popularity of the pizzas should be in the yellow to green range for a large part of the population. The price of a pizza is very much dependent on the average income. To start with, you should go for a price of $8 to $10.

Now that you now know which pizzas you will be offering, you can start buying the ingredients.
Go to the mar restaurant menu and click on the STOCK key. Depending on the recipes you have chosen, you will need a certain amount of ingredients in stock. These amounts are shown in red.
Now click on the SHOPPING key and choose a supplier in the same way as you did when you furnished your restaurant.

You should pay special attention to the quality and amount of the food. Medium quality food (between 30 and 40) should be sufficient at first. You should not sign any contracts with a supplier until your restaurant is fairly well established. When you stock up for the first time, your ingredients should last for about 10days. Later on buy ingredients according to what you need and what you have used.

Next you need to employ a cook and a waiter. Click on the STAFF key. Then click on the CHEF or the WAITER key and then on the SHOPPING key.
After about a week your restaurant should be fairly well established. Then you might need more staff. According to your needs you can then go through the catalogue for cooks and waiters and employ a character that suits you.

The quality of the staff in their special sector should be at least 40%. Their other character values should be as high as possible. Try to reach a sensible compromise. At first you should employ one cook and one waiter so your personnel costs do not exceed $1000 per week. You don’t need to employ a manager at this stage.

Well, now you've got all the ingredients for opening a restaurant. That’s it. Have fun making your pizzas!