3.4 The different types of customers

PIZZA TYCOON distinguishes between six different groups of potential customers. Each group has different expectations and tastes.
Blue Collar
Business People
Young People
White Collar
Senior Citizens
The proportion of the different groups in the population total varies from area to area.
Apart from the area itself, the following factors in the vicinity of your restaurant may have a positive or negative influence on the number of potential customers:

Church Bank Cinema School Disco Bar Shopping Centre Hotel

- + +++

++ + +++

+ +++



- +

++ + - - -
You will notice that in general there are more positive than negative factors. Thus it is always advisable to set up in a lively area as more customers will be attracted.
When furnishing your restaurant and setting up your menu you should take the preferences of your potential customers into account so as to attract as many customers as possible.