3.10 Cloak-and-dagger operations

Entering an opponent's restaurant before 9 o'clock in the morning, i.e. before it officially opens, means you are committing a burglary at one of your opponent's restaurants. You can carry a weapon of your choice.
If you burgle the restaurant of a human opponent he will have the same weapon as you. In this case he can disguise himself as a chef and defend the premises against the burglar, i.e. you.
Use the ARROW keys of your computer to move through the restaurant. The chosen weapon can be deleted by using the space bar.
Flame-thrower: Bums everything within a range of 1.5 meters.
The flame-thrower is activated as long as you hold the space bar down. The damage you cause is indicated in the status window. High quality furniture might resist the flames longer.
Insecticide: The restaurant in question will have to be closed for several days in order so that it can be decontaminated.
Walk about in your opponent's restaurant and spray your insecticide evenly over the whole room. The degree of contamination is indicated in the status window.
Bazooka: Fires one shell which will destroy any piece of furniture it hits.
You can aim at any piece of furniture from any distance. However high quality the piece of furniture is, it will be destroyed.
Bomb: Destroys everything and everybody within a range of 4 meters.
Go into the restaurant, place the bomb and run!!!