3.9 The central warehouse menu

There's no need to go shopping every day and tear your hair out about unreliable suppliers and ingredients you can't get hold of. Just open your own central warehouse. You'll find it on the city map. Having a central warehouse of your own makes you independent of suppliers. You can store all the ingredients you need in large amounts and distribute them to your various restaurants when they need anything. The warehouses are cooled, so the ingredients stored there won't go off.

Opening a central warehouse opens up even more interesting possibilities. You can start to trade internationally, and as soon as you have a warehouse in two cities you can start to import and export between the cities.

You enter your warehouse in the same way as you enter a restaurant, with a double click. The stock control is done in the same way as the stock-keeping at your restaurants. You'll also find a warehouse book which shows the total capacity of all the warehouses you own in this city.
As well as the keys for the groups of ingredients, you will see another key for weapons. Click on one of the keys to open the page to the required category. As well as the ingredients themselves, the quality, the amount stored, the total demand from all the restaurants and the value are also indicated. You also have two further keys, SHOPPING and SELL. These keys allow you to choose your suppliers, as you did at your restaurant.

After you have chosen a supplier you will move to the Central Buying or Selling Menu. As you did when you were shopping for the restaurants, you can choose the amount you require by using the left and right mouse button and then confirm the purchase by clicking on the OK (THUMBS UP) key. When you are setting the amount with one mouse button, the other one speeds up the rate at which the amount changes. When you sell goods you will get approximately 80% of the retailer's purchase price. You can only sell goods to a retailer that is equal to or better than the quality of his own goods.

3.9.1 Export

Choosing the EXPORT key brings up the map of Europe. Click on the city to which you want to export goods from the last category you chose. Before you can export goods you must already have a central warehouse in the city. The contents of the warehouses in both cities will now be shown. Select the amount you want to export or import. Transport costs are S200 per 100 km.
You can only export a product if it is free from any export restrictions.

3.9.2 Delivery Priority

With the DELIVERY PRIORITY key you can choose the order in which you want the different restaurants of your chain to be supplied. The first restaurant on the list will receive deliveries first, then the second and so on. This priority will become important when certain goods in your central warehouse start to run low. Click on the restaurant which you want to be supplied first.

3.9.3 Weapons Store

If, after clicking on the central warehouse, you press the CACHE key instead of choosing any of the product groups, you will move to the secret store of weapons in the warehouse. You can install one secret store of weapons in each of your warehouses. You can store illegally acquired weapons and collect them from the warehouse. You should only carry weapons on your person when you need them for immediate use, or intend to sell or export them.