3.6 Your opponent's restaurants

To go into an opponent's restaurant, double click on it from the close-up view. Just as in your restaurants, people go into it during opening hours, sit down at one of the tables and have a meal - if the owner behaves sensibly.
There are two things you can do in an opponent's restaurant,

A) Pizza baking competition
Have you heard? Believe it or not, some of your competitors are actually saying that your pizzas are no good. If you don’t agree, make a song and dance about it. Challenge your opponent to "the ultimate pizza baking competition"! Your task is to bake a pizza according to a given recipe as accurately and as quickly as possible. This is a highly dramatic competition. Your reputation as a good cook and businessman is at stake.

So watch out! If you fail in this competition, your reputation in society might be seriously damaged. If you win, however, you could make a lot of money and it could greatly enhance your reputation.
As you will notice, you can win a lot or lose a lot.

After clicking on the key for the competition you will be asked if you want to participate. Say YES! Then put a certain amount of money on the result. If you lose, this amount will be deducted from your account. Now select the level of difficulty.

In the next few seconds a pizza will be "assembled" before your very eyes. The time it takes will depend on the level of difficulty. Your task now is to bake exactly the same pizza in as short a time as possible. After you have finished, click THUMBS UP".

Your pizza will now be compared with the original and the result will be announced. Then you'll know if you have won or lost.

Once a month you are invited to a joint pizza competition.

And once a year the great annual competition is held. This is very interesting as the pizzas are judged according to their taste. So make sure you bake something yummy!
If you win this competition, you can offer this pizza to your customers for one year as the "pizza of the year”. Needless to say, this pizza will be a best-seller.

B) Attacks
If you have already visited the arms dealer, you will be shown four joke articles after clicking on the attacks key. Use these joke articles to bring a bit of fun into the life of your opponents.

Click on the article you would like to use and confirm your choice by clicking on THUMBS UP". The result of this action, i.e. whether it succeeds or fails, will depend on your character values. This means that your opponents will either suffer some damage and will be a laughing stock, or you will get caught by the police and you will be the one to suffer.

If you get up before the normal shop opening hours, i.e. before 9 am, you can really have a wild time. For more information see the section "CLOAK AND DAGGEROPERATIONS". If you want to know how to get up before 9 am, see the section "CHARACTER MENU".