Recipes from game

With the game Pizza Tycoon came over 60 recipes. In my version they were placed in a sub-folder named R where I installed the game. This is the recipes used by the game, the original recipes, those used in the pizza competition a.s.o. But you couldn't load them into your games. Well, that has changed. Just download them, place them in your Game folder, and load them into your current game (read how to load/save recipes). To load recipe R0.PC choose 0, R1.PC choose 1, R10.PC choose 10 a.s.o. Some of them have German names, probably because Pizza Tycoon originally was a German game called "Pizza Connection", made by Software2000.

Many of the recipes are great, other are crap. I have made a rating of them in the posts recipes from game 2 and recipes from game 3. (28) KB