No customers come to my restaurant!

  • Make sure you create and put on the menu enough (the number varies after what difficulty level you have chosen) standard recipes that have decent values on the popularity screen AND have non-negative trends (shown in the status window when looking at recipes). The standard recipes are like the copy protection of this game. Without any of those recipes on the menu, no customers will come.
  • You need some floor covering, tiles or carpet -just something people can properly walk on. If you leave your restaurant with no floor covering (the way the restaurant looks when you first see it) you'll get poor restaurant popularity values; check 'customer ratings' in the furnishing sub menu.
  • You may be addressing the wrong ages. Check customer statistics in the restaurant statistics sub menu, to see which customer groups are in this area; the yellow bar shows the potential customers for each group.
  • Take a look at your furniture and ask yourself what kind of people will feel comfortable here. Check 'customer ratings' in the furnishing sub menu.