My manager is not going shopping properly, and I don't know why!

  • Make sure that in the manager menu you set the option 'Supply shortage' to 'act yourself' AND the option 'Shopping if needed' to 'yes'.
  • Take a look at the motivation of the manager. The value is equal to the probability in percent that he/she will go shopping each day. So if your manager has a motivation of only 75%, the probability for him/her to go shopping is only 3in 4. Give the manager more money to increase motivation.
  • The manager may be sick, like anybody else. This will be shown in the manager menu.
  • If your manager is on a course, he/she obviously cannot go shopping. Again, this will be shown in the manager menu
  • If the option 'staff shortage' is set to 'act yourself' and the manager has to assist either the cooks or the waiters at their work, the manager will have no time to go shopping that day.
  • On rare occasions, it may be that the Supplier you told the manager to use is temporarily out of stock. You can check this if you have a central warehouse in that city or if you try buying from the supplier yourself.